You’re here to make a difference

Brand & marketing design services for 
Latina beauty & wellness service providers

We’re here to make your business live up to the role

We research and strategize, study marketing trends, brainstorm and ideate, and acknowledge your needs first

Why Us?

We love helping women like you uncover what you’re really capable of. And your business is full of potential

We create a visual brand identity that truly represents your business, your values, and your mission

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When you put so much heart and soul into the work you do, you deserve to work with a designer who doesn’t just see you as another client. 

What we value

Be respectful

Do Good




Live with integrity

Our piece of paradise is a judgment-free zone!
We value your feelings, opinions, and feedback… and always welcome open communication.

Being honest and moral in everything we do (in both our personal AND professional life) means we get to show up as the best version of ourselves for YOU too! 

It’s easy to allow negativity to fill our lives, so we’re on a mission to partner with like-minded women who aren’t taking the “easy” road. We want to do better and help YOU do the same!

From one woman to another, I love the idea of supporting you. Because behind this business, I’m a woman on a mission to use my strengths to help others… Just like you. 

My house is filled with creative assistants (aka my 12 pets!) and they hold me accountable 24/7.

And between digging into my fave foods (pupusas = designer fuel) and making time for hobbies (yes, you CAN be a quiet puzzle-lover who enjoys loud concerts!)...

I’m usually found attached to my computer, working on creating purposeful designs for brands like yours! 

Lorena Roque



We go beyond design

When you partner with Del Trópico, you’re getting:

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Years of formal education, in-house design experience, and online marketing expertise.

The ambitious and passionate mind of a woman who relocated from El Salvador to LA to make a bigger impact on more lives.

A committed designer who loves to collaborate and help you reach your ideal client with the perfect visual elements.