Elevate your brand effortlessly with a full day of undivided attention from a skilled graphic designer, ensuring cohesive and eye-catching visuals that leave a lasting impression on potential clients.

Stay ahead of the game and enjoy an efficient process that gives you rapid progress, quick turnarounds, and done-for-you assets created by a pro

Reclaim your time freedom with a dedicated graphic designer for a day, freeing you from endless tinkering and allowing you to focus on your zone of genius.

Imagine how It would feel to...

Here's how it works


Book Your Day

Book your VIP day here. Once your 50% deposit comes through, a contract will be sent over for you to sign.


Before VIP Day

Submit your design details, including copy, graphics, and information, 5 days before the deadline; I'll review, strategize, and address any queries for a seamless process


On your VIP day, I rise early, dedicating the day to maximize productivity; expect constant communication for feedback, ensuring we stay on track.


The very next day, you’ll receive your finalized files, ready to showcase to the world, with ongoing support from me for one week.



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The investment

A week of support from me through email.

Quality design work unique to your brand

A 30-minute kick off call via Google Meet

A complete 8-hour day focus solely dedicated to working on your design project.

Let's do it!

What you get...

full 8hr day dedicated to you


half a day (4hr)  DEDICATED TO YOU


A speedy and easy process to fulfill your design needs

A designer with 7+ years of design experience  

The creative cabana does not include branding and website design

50% deposit Or first payment due within 24 hours of approved booking

What's even possible during a VIP day?

book your day!

Here are some examples and ideas of what we can get done in an 8hr day

digital marketing assets

social media assets

brand collateral

This includes emails, paid ads, infographics, landing page.

Instagram stories and posts, reels covers, social media profiles imagery

Print materials like business cards, stationery, flyers, brochures, etc.

Expertise Matters: A professional graphic designer brings a wealth of expertise to the table, ensuring your brand exudes professionalism with precision and skill.

Efficiency Boost: A dedicated day accelerates the design process, allowing for a swift transformation that immediately positions your brand as a serious player in the market.

Stand Out in the Crowd: Professional graphic design sets you apart, ensuring your brand doesn't just blend in but stands out, leaving a lasting impression on potential clients.

Consistent Brand Identity:  By hiring a professional for a day, you guarantee a cohesive and consistent brand identity, reinforcing your legitimacy and serious business intent.

Ready to witness your brand come alive with eye-catching visuals?

Why you need this:

Polished First Impressions: Elevate your brand's visual appeal to make impactful first impressions; a professional graphic designer ensures your business is perceived as credible and trustworthy from the start.

Licensed Esthetician and MSW

Working with you has been a dream! 

The entire process felt collaborative and fun. Absolutely, I would recommend you to anyone! You brought my vision to life, and elevated it!

- Elizabeth Palomares-Michael

social media expert

Working with Lorena was the easiest process!

I told her my ideas, showed her inspiration and she was able to create exactly what I imagined. She’s organized, professional and provides an outlook on branding beyond my expectations!

- Lauren Huizar


"Lorena is a gem!"

It was a such a pleasure to work with someone that is creative, open to new ideas, flexible and so talented. We appreciate how she practically became part of our team during the project working with her, always helping is achieve the ideal expectation. Gracias!

Frequently asked questions


We're incredibly productive in a day. If you require more time, consider booking back-to-back VIP days or an extra half-day. Uncertain about the timeframe? Shoot me a DM on instagram 

Absolutely! Ensure your availability on our VIP day. Scheduled check-ins will occur, showcasing progress and seeking your valuable feedback. Your availability maximizes our productivity!

Prior to our VIP day, please provide your design wishlist in order of priority, along with any necessary copy, graphics, images, or brand guidelines. I'll follow up with any questions and gather additional information to ensure maximum productivity!

An ideal candidate the Creative Cabana is someone with a clear vision or specific design needs, seeking a concentrated and efficient approach. This is suitable for individuals or businesses looking to fast-track their design projects with dedicated attention and expedited timelines.

You must have a solid set of visual brand guidelines in order for this to be sucessful. If you need branding done check out our Palm Tree Refresh package

Ready to dive in?

Get ready for some design magic! Because I am ready to bring serious skills to boost your brand's vibe. A dedicated day means we fast-track the cool factor, making your brand stand out, leaving a lasting impression that screams, "We mean business."

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